About Us

A Pet Store in Downtown Montclair’s Thriving Shopping District! Get your tails over here!! The “farm to bowl” experience store, located in the heart of downtown Montclair at 15 S. Fullerton Avenue, is just steps from the bustling Church Street and Bloomfield Avenue business district and caters to the growing demand for nutritious pet foods and unconventional pet products for Montclair and its surrounding communities.

Why Choose L & B?

L & B’s primary focus is to offer dog and cat owners fresh whole food alternatives alongside freeze-dried/dehydrated diets and traditional canned and dry food. We carry a unique line of treats, pet accessories and nutritional supplements. Visitors to the store can rely on one-on-one customer service and expert advice on how pet owners can fulfill their pets’ nutritional needs through a combination of the right diet, appropriate supplements and alternatives to traditional pet treats.