Chapter 3: Answers

I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about raw goats milk by Answers.  This supplement is one of the most nutritious and beneficial items you could ever give your furry friend.  Our goats milk is fermented, which means it retains tons of useful probiotics that aid in digestion. Other benefits include allergy relief, dental and bone health, and a stronger immune system. 

The numerous vitamins make goats milk the perfect topper to our bowl, providing us with everything we may be missing in our regular food.

Here’s something that will blow your socks off, your dog or cat can live off drinking goats milk all by itself! 

Rich in CLA, which is a cancer fighting fat, goats milk has even been proven to reduce the size of tumors and aid in curing cancer. My allergies used to have me scratching like crazy! But since I started drinking goats milk, my inflammation is down and I feel like a new dog!  To top it all off, it tastes so great that I’ve been having trouble sharing it with my new sister, Bella.

Would give it two thumbs up if I had thumbs! Anyway, stop by and get your goats milk today, and give me and Bella a pet while you’re at it. Woof woof.

Watch the video below to learn about the benefits!

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Have a great day! Woof Woof!