Chapter 4: Bella & ECCR

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying my blog. It’s been fun and rewarding to be able to chat directly with you and to hear your positive feedback.

This week I’m wagging my tail with glee because my daddies adopted my new baby sister, Bella! Our store recently hosted an adoption event with East Coast Canine Rescue (ECCR) and that’s how we met Bella.  I was so excited when my daddies told me that she was coming home with us! I fell in love with her immediately! She’s cuddly, spunky, energetic and very funny! It’s been great getting to know her and playing all day long. Wow, she has so much energy! We’ve had to puppy proof our home because little Bella is getting in to everything. She loves shredding paper all over the place.  My daddy took this picture of us: she’s so cute.

We’re going to have another adoption event coming soon in October. Hopefully it will be a big success just like the last one.  I’m happy to tell you that all 7 pups and 4 kitties at the event found forever homes!

Bella was in an awesome foster home before coming home with us.If any of you are interested in being foster parents for ECCR please check out the flyer below! Well, I’m off now to play tug-o-war with my baby sister! Then hopefully a nap. Wow, having a baby sister is exhausting! Woof Woof! Talk to you next week. And remember, be nice.

Have a great day! Woof Woof!


Milo & Bella.jpg