Chapter 2: Edible Elixirs Product Spotlight

Hey guys!  Milo here, I wanted to tell you about this awesome new product called Edible Elixirs

Sometimes it can get boring for us eating the same food all the time, and dry kibble is not giving dogs and cats the nutrients and taste we desire. Edible Elixir is the perfect topping to my bowl. It tastes great and gives me all the awesome nutrients my body desires.

I understand that switching to a raw diet can be expensive and time-consuming. But there are plenty of other ways to give your little furry friends the vitamins and nutrients they may be missing out on.

Edible Elixir created by Primal, is a food topper that can be added to any pet food meal. Each flavor includes specialized functional ingredients to support healthy digestive tracts, immune systems, and joints. Flavors include winter squash, green smoothie, and omega mussel mélange. The Organic powdered greens such as Kale and Parsley provide anti-oxidants, while organic chia seeds, coconut oil, and sardine oil provide a blend of omega fatty acids to support a healthy body. The varying flavors also include blends of mushrooms, broths, and fruits.

In my opinion, Edible Elixirs earns a 5 star rating when it comes to healthy meal add-ins!