Here at L&B, food is the focus, and treats are too!  Every single thing that enters a dog or cats mouth should be delicious, healthy and safe.  Here at the shop we have spent years learning the brands and varieties of foods that we sell and promote.  It is our job to provide your companions with options that will encourage their bodies to thrive.  We have a large selection of delicious treats from freeze-dried options, to awesome cookies all the way to a raw bar dedicated to body parts that our companions beg for.  In the mood for some freshly caught seafood?  We stock a huge array of mussels, fish skins and fish imported exclusively from Iceland.  Who knew providing Essential Fatty Acids to our animals could be so delicious?!


Our food varieties include:

  • Complete & Balanced Freshly Frozen, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

  • Complete & Balanced Freeze-Dried Food

  • Complete & Balanced Dehydrated Food

  • Complete & Balanced Canned Food

  • Complete & Balanced Dry Food