When we think of our animals, we think, peace, love and longevity.  When our animals think of the food we provide in their bowls, most of the time they love it, or they just deal with it.  Ideally, we need to think of the food we provide for our companions, as the most important factor in their daily lives.  Food is the fuel to every living being on this planet.  We are here to help teach, nurture and guide you in to selecting foods that will not only make your animals love meal time, but provide their bodies with the vital tools it needs to thrive.


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With so many brands on market today it is hard to sort through what is good and what is not the best.  As humans, we try our very best to feed ourselves a diet that is rich in nutrition, but things get confusing and sometimes forgotten about when we feed our animals the foods we are accustomed to providing.  The world of conventional veterinary medicine and holistic veterinary medicine provide consumers with different feeding recommendations.  On the conventional side they dictate that feeding processed pet food to an animal is somehow healthy and “scientific”, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.  We encourage the side of a fresh food option, an option in which our animals live longer, healthier lives.

Here at L & B Healthy Pet Markets we love the opportunity to teach our community of pet loving parents, how to read a pet food label, what options and varieties are available to their animals, and show our customers just how simple an effective meal plan can be!